Getting Real CITY VIOLATION FOR TALL GRASS AND WEEDS Cleaned Up - Satisfying Lawn Care

This is a property that has not been cut all year and the city of Maize Kansas decided that wasn't good enough. They sent them a letter to explain they were in violation of tall grass and weeds and they had 10 days to get it cleaned up.
I did the normal cleanup on this lawn to get it back in shape with edging first, then trimming, and finishing it off with mowing. I wouldn't call this property super tall, but it definitely had its spots that would tall and thick.
All in all, this yard wasn't that bad to get done. The trimming in the back was the worse part just because there was alot of different things back there that needed trimmed around. I was happy that the edging wasn't bad. I needed a break from the properties that takes forever to get the edge looking good.

As always, I appreciate you watching my videos. I hope you enjoy this one.

00:00 look at that tall grass
00:25 walk through
03:15 city violation letter
05:32 edging front curb
07:30 trimming
15:47 mowing
26:26 final walk through
28:47 before and after pics

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