The #1 Way to Grow Your Lawn Care Business IN YOUR FIRST YEAR

If you follow my journey, you know a few things:

I own an award-winning, seven-figure landscape company in Springfield, Illinois. My management team has taken over sales and daily operations so I can focus on my new venture:

A lawn, landscape & pool service company in Cape Coral, Florida.

I'm essentially starting over. My 2021 goal is $1M in Cape Coral (and at least $2.5M in Springfield).

This is how I'm doing it.

Train with me:


I'm Jacob Godar: CEO of Scooter's Lawn Care, Inc. and leader of GROW Comm.

I help lawn care and landscaping professionals scale their businesses, accumulate wealth, and create freedom through strategies I use in my own award-winning, multi-state, seven-figure company.


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