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Get back to the basics with these simple yet luxurious bedrooms. Sometimes the most luxurious rooms are the simplest. Whether you want to cure insomnia or just rest a little easier, sometimes the best solution is to simplify. These bedrooms would allow you to do just that with everything perfectly in its place. Clean linens and clean lines are the perfect recipe for a great night's sleep. While you might not consider a fireplace in the bedroom to be a bastion of simplicity, plenty of negative space a neutral color palette mean the room is peaceful in its own way. The pops of red that show up in this bedroom give a little hint of passion to an otherwise simple design. An ocean breeze and plenty of sunshine aren’t possible for every bedroom, but they sure to make for a lovely way to relax. In this large bedroom, the combination of natural wood flooring and dreamy ocean blues are the perfect amount of calm to help you drift off night after night. Wood paneling and shutters give this bedroom a cozy atmosphere and let you block out the light when you want to sleep in. This bedroom from visualizer Ngoc Bau has a feminine je ne sais quoi without resorting to pinks and florals, just some ethereal tufting and plenty of smooth white. Though it stays a bit from the theme of simplicity, the cool tones and soft textures still make this bedroom quite inviting. The simplicity here is palpable but also means this bedroom will never truly go out of style. With a furnished workspace and private balcony, you would never even need to leave the comfort of this bedroom. Vertical stripes reflected around this bedroom make it feel taller and more spacious. The subtle accents in this bedroom, from the lamps to the accent wall, take this simple bedroom from lovely to luxury. Glass closet doors make this simple bedroom feel more open – and are a nice encouragement to keep things organized. Another white on white offering from Valkyrie Studio stays light and airy. A low bed and high ceilings make for a wide open and relaxing space. The slate gray walls and cozy area rug in this bedroom make is snuggly and simple at the same time. Artsy choices on the walls don’t detract from the overall industrial simplicity of this bedroom. Yummy neutral brown and vibrant green splashes make this bedroom feel like a retreat for a wood nymph. This is the perfect grey bedroom is slink off to when you’re done with a difficult day at the drawing board. In a towering apartment building, staying low to the ground with a platform bed and simple work area is key. Finally this artist’s loft bedroom is so wide open that it may as well go on forever. Even the tufted headboard is oversized. A futuristic light fixture and lush royal blue chair make this bedroom into a decadent space for an evening alone.
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