Grow Your Pool Care, Lawncare or Pest Control Business Today!

Do you want to quickly grow your pool care, lawncare or pest control business? Do you want to have more clients in the same neighborhood so you don't have to drive around the city, spending time and gas servicing your clients? If you provide pool care, lawncare or home pest control service, now you can grow your business and save time, gas and overhead expenses with Neighborhood Bids!

Go to so you can grow today!

Neighborhood Bids connects groups of homeowners together in the same neighborhood or area and invites pool care, lawncare or home pest control companies to offer a discounted price and quality service. The company with the best price and service will be chosen by the neighborhood group of homeowners.

The business that earns the bid now has a group of 3 or more new clients all in the same neighborhood, which costs the business less money to service, because the homes are near each other and the company does not have to load and unload equipment or drive and spend gas and time traveling to every home in different parts of town.
The group of homeowners receives great service at a discount price and the pool care, lawncare or home pest control company grows their business by working with 3 or 4 new homeowners, all in the same neighborhood.

Also, Neighborhood Bids will:
• Let your company know when homeowners are looking for your business
• Help your company grow, and allow other homeowners to join existing groups in the neighborhoods you work in with your approval.
• Collect the funds for your service and pay you so you don’t have to collect and track down payments.

With Neighborhood Bids, everyone wins!
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