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Incredible Beautiful The Wodalla Horse Farmstay Tiny House

Explore our 65 acres of farmland with activities such as horse riding and farm tours on our stud farm. There are horses, cows, chickens, peacocks and dogs on our farmland. Bushwalking is also popular paired with amazing views, and there's an abundance of wildlife on our farm.
We also have a games room with TV and DVD player, pool table for guests to use.

The space
The tiny house offers guests a comfortable stay with its well-equipped kitchenette, hot showers, a waterless eco-friendly compost toilet, complete with air-conditioning and heating. It is a lovely studio space of 155 sqft with a queen bed. Comfortable for 2!

Cooking your meals in the house is easy and convenient as our kitchenette includes cookware, cooking utensils, cutlery, dishes and silverware, a portable cooker and a mini fridge. Everything you need!

Our bathroom facilities follow ecologically sustainable principles, including a waterless eco-friendly compost toilet, hand basin and shower (gas heated for hot showers). In Australia's severe climatic challenge of bush fires and drought, we help to save the environment by conserving water using an eco-friendly toilet. The toilet uses biologically sustainable aerobic decomposition process. It is waterless and there's no need to flush. An aeration fan helps to remove odours.


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