Struggling To Hire Employees? We Got You Covered!

I know lately a lot of you guys are struggling to find good help and also asking how to hire employees, so I wanted to make a resource available to you guys from Lawntrepreneur Academy about hiring employees!

After listening to a dozen podcasts this week and hearing almost everyone talk about struggling to find good help, I wanted to make our "How To Hire & Retain Good Employees" training program available for $1. It's not a gimmick nor do we have some ulterior motive.

I just wanted to give back and try to help anyone who's struggling to find help to get these resources in their hand to maybe make that search and next hire a little easier.

Check it out today at, and scoop it up for $1, which is the lowest I could make it on the system, so it's basically "free". Check it out there!

GIE+EXPO is a go! I just got word the other day that registration has reopened, so if you guys want to get your tickets and register for this incredible trade show in October, nows the time.

You can use our code "BRIAN" to save 50%, or utilize the link below. Can't wait to see all of you guys there in Louisville KY this October!

GIE+EXPO Link: ► Store ► How To Hire Program

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